Local Mountain — 15 August 2011
Local Cyclist Pissed When Leadville 100 Turns Out To be 103 Miles

LEADVILLE, CO (CN) – The Leadville 100 has become the premier endurance mountain bike event in the United States. Many of the riders wishing to participate have to win a lottery spot just to gain entry. One Local Cyclist was thrilled to have won a post in the annual event and he approached his preparation very seriously. This past Saturday over 1900 mountain bikers left the starting line above 10,000 feet to take on over 14,000 of vertical elevation gain. We caught up with Local Cyclist after crossing the finish line and he was quoted as saying, “I knew how many Kilojoules I needed to put out to make the time cut and get the buckle. I knew how many grams of carbohydrates per pound – per hour I had to ingest. I knew what electrolytes I need to use and what clothes I had to have with me to make it to the finish.” What Local Cyclist was shocked to find out was that the Leadville 100 is actually more than 103 miles of riding.

He went on to say, “I did all my preparation and pacing for 100 miles. 103+ miles totally messed up my plan. I just missed placing in the top 100 but I could have been top 20 if I had known all of the details. I will for sure be ready for next year”.

Wait until he finds out next year’s event will be 105 miles. Good luck next year Local Cyclist. Good luck.

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(1) Reader Comment

  1. Interesting read. This exact same thing happened to me when I raced it in 2009. I had paced myself to break the 9 hour barrier for 100 miles of riding and instead it was 103.22 miles and my time was 9:19 minutes. Still an amazing experience, but I was under the 9 hour barrier for 100 miles and was gunning for that big belt buckle!

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