Editorial Road — 02 August 2011
USA Pro Cycling Challenge Changes Name Again

BOULDER, CO (CN) – The USA Pro Cycling Challenge, formerly known as the Quiznos Pro Challenge, has gone through a few name changes in the past year. While some of the changes have been made to accommodate sponsors, others have been made to hopefully improve the branding and name recognition of the event – catering to longer-term goals for the future. As the event kicks off in Colorado Springs, Colorado on the 22nd of this month the anticipation is high for the first major cycling event in the State of Colorado since the Coors Classic in 1988.

But it was no surprise when Chamois News overheard that this highly anticipated stage race has once again changed its name. The new name of the event has now become “The Tour of Colorado Presented by the State of California” suggesting that California is now contributing a significant amount of sponsorship and support to race or perhaps just looking for additional ways to reduce the debt owed for the hydro-electric power the state receives from the Colorado River. Other hearsay for the partnership include past agreements concerning the number of accepted California students into the University of Colorado and the recent move to the Pacific Ten Athletic Conference.

Rumors are that California would like to host six out of the seven stages of next year’s Tour of Colorado and new information suggests Texas is offering support in efforts to get their tourists back.

More information on the Tour of Colorado can be found here.

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  1. Honestly, not very funny. You are about 2 months late on that joke!

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