Local Road — 19 July 2011
Attacking From Parking Lot Almost Pays Off For Local Cyclist

AUSTIN, TX (CN) Everyone knows how important the Wednesday Night Worlds are to a cyclist’s career. Sure, there is no prize money and most of the riders are using the ride for training but not Local Cyclist. He uses the ride to increase his status in the local cycling community and give him something to talk about at work. This is why Local Cyclist is always working on what tactics will help him be a Wednesday Night World Champion.

Last week Local Cyclist tried a stunning move right at the start. Before most of his fellow riders were even clicked in to their pedals he attacked right from the parking lot taking everyone by surprise. “I didn’t even see him go,” said one Wednesday Night competitor. Another rider asked, “Is that the same guy that rode himself into a ditch on one of last year’s rides?” Clearly the move intimidated the peloton. They chased for nearly two miles while chatting, tweeting and checking Facebook before they caught Local Cyclist. Once caught, Local Cyclist dropped to the back of the pack before turning back for home. “I proved my point this week. These guys know I am strong. I don’t have to finish the ride to impress anyone”. Well played, Local Cyclist!

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