Local Road — 05 July 2011
Local Cyclist Will Wait for His Song to Play Before He Attacks

PORTLAND, OR (CN) – One Local Cyclist has very clear intentions to attack at this Sunday’s Cat. 4 criterium. He has been training hard and showing dominance at the local Wednesday Night Worlds rides. He does however have some very specific conditions he requires to be met before unleashing what will likely be a peloton splitting attack. “They have to play my song over the loud speakers before I will make my move,” says Local Cyclist. He goes on to say, “Once I hear Thunderstruck by AC/DC you will see me unleash, what I like to call, “Hell on the pedals.” “Something takes over me when I hear that guitar part start. It’s like Angus Young is telling me to haul ass.” Local Cyclist said he would also settle for anything off of the Ride The Lighting album by Metallica but the attack may, “lack the same level of intensity.” Local Cyclist added, ”I told the race organizers that if they want to see me drop the hammer they should play Thunderstruck by AC/DC. ” Local Cyclist has informed his girlfriend to, “Get her ass to the start/finish line with a camera, and once Thunderstruck starts playing, to record the attack for posterity.” We wish Local Cyclist and everyone racing this weekend to be safe and have fun.

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(2) Readers Comments

  1. Seriously??? “Hell on the Pedals” coming from a cat 4??? You are kind of a dork.

  2. I made it to Cat 1 by listening to all the AC / DC songs. I always hammer to “Dog Eat Dog”, and ride hard in the breaks listening to “Heat Seeker”. If this guy continues to listed to all but the “Black Ice” CD, he will be Pro someday.

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